Master kulfi-maker, 65-year-old SOHAN LAL BATHLA, remembers being in business since the days of bronze coins. 
His hole-in-the-wall shop near the attari bazar in Jalandhar has been a household name for eight decades. He is also among the most-sought-after sweet dish expert in Punjab and neighboring states.

While the matka kulfi and dakka kulfi are popular items, sugar free kulfi the latest delicacy that Billa kulfi corner has perfected over the years. “Highquality milk and a right mix of ingredients is what gives my kulfis a distinct flavour,” he says.

Billa kulfi corner products are made from buffalo milk and he personally monitors its bulk procurement on the basis of fat content. “My hands-on involvement ensures a uniform quality of my products,” he adds.

The kulfis have a clientele even in winters, but the business, which has now grown into a factory, is at its peak during the wedding season between October and March." Billa kulfi corner" gets bulk orders for weddings and big social functions at places as far off as Jammu, Nakodar and Amtitsar. 

“My product is my best advertisement,” he says. Billa kulfi corner does not own a refrigerator van but says he can supply kulfi even up to Mumbai through the age-old method of iceand-salt packing.

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At Billakulficorner we handle new business Falooda is an adaptation of the non-liquid Persian dessert Faloodeh, made in Iran and Afghanistan, from which it adopted the name. This drink may have been brought to the Indian subcontinent during the Mughal period. The vermicelli used are often made from arrowroot rather than wheat. The rose syrup may be substituted with another flavoured base to produce kesar (saffron), mangochocolate or fig flavor.Nowadays falooda is a popular summer drink throughout Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, and the Middle East and is readily available in restaurants and beach stalls.

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